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16 – Keep Everything

What should we keep, and what should we throw away? We use a case study of three boxes that Chris’ parents asked him to finally sort through. And we bring in expert witnesses: a private records archivist from the Provincial Archives of Alberta, and two people connected to letters we published in a previous episode.

14 – The Land At Hand

Lauren Crazybull asks what parallels we can see between broken treaties and gentrification in Edmonton. Our journey starts on a hill at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery with Papaschase First Nation’s Chief Calvin Bruneau.

12 – A Rather Queer Roadtrip

Kory deGroot asks where we can learn about queer history in Edmonton. Answering that takes us through old love letters at the U of A Archives, a sneak peek at some research Fort Ed is doing, and hearing a story about coming out late in life.

11 – About Ritchie

Ritchie is a beloved older neighbourhood near Mill Creek Ravine. In this episode, we gathered residents’ questions about a school, a meatpacking plant, and some trees in the area. And then we took a walk to find out the answers together.

9 – A Lesson In Protocol

Nathan Smith asks what food plants have been important to Indigenous peoples in the Edmonton area. A simple question opens up a deep process of learning how to ask questions across cultures, and who knowledge belongs to.