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September 8: A Ritchie Tour with Oumar Salifou

Coming up on Sunday, September 8 we’re offering another historical walking tour of Edmonton’s Ritchie Neighbourhood. This year’s walk will be led by Oumar Salifou.

Grab your free tickets here:

33 – Kalyna Country

Alison Brooks-Starks asks how folks from Ukraine settled where they did in Canada – was it because the landscapes here looked like places in the Ukraine?

To explore her question, we dug into a stack of academic research. We also went to the University of Alberta’s Pembina Hall to meet Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Director Jars Balan.

That inspired us to try making some juice from kalyna – aka high bush cranberry – berries using this recipe.

Come say hi before NorthwestFest’s May 4 screening of The Trouble With Wolves at 12 PM at Metro Cinema. Use the offer code APN2019 and you’ll get 10% off general admission.

32 – Dam Complicated

Amandah van Merlin asks how have dams changed our relationship with the North Saskatchewan River. To explore her question, we brought Amandah to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, to dig for files on the two dams upstream of Edmonton: the Brazeau Dam and the Bighorn Dam. We also met up with local writer Billie Milholland, author of Living in the Shed: Alberta’s North Saskatchewan River Watershed.

31 – How Nature Shapes Us

This year, we’re embarking on a new season of Let’s Find Out, exploring these ideas. We kicked things off with a live show at The Almanac this February. It featured short talks about humans and natural history in the Edmonton area, and games for audience members to play.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Marlena Wyman, Miranda Lucas, Jacquelyn Cardinal, and Hunter Cardinal.

More info and a bevy of pictures and links from the event:

Live Event Feb 9 – How Nature Shapes Us

From clearing the prairies with fire to planting elm trees along our streets, humans have been shaping the land in the Edmonton area for millennia. And it’s been shaping us right back.

Join us Saturday, February 9 at 2 PM for an afternoon of short talks and a live recording of Let’s Find Out! Ever wondered how Edmontonians helped create the river valley parks? Curious about how lawns mould the locals who live nearby? We’ll share short stories about how humans and nature have shaped each other in our city.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to throw in your own questions about humans and nature for the next season of Let’s Find Out.

More info and tickets here: