Monthly Archives: March 2018

21 – About Green Onion Cakes

Daniel Emberg wanted to know why green onion cakes took hold in Edmonton when they did. He flew in from Winnipeg to join us for a live panel at the Mercury Room to find out the answer. Featuring special guests Linda Tzang, Siu To, and Marty Chan.

20 – If It Hadn’t Been For You Meddling Kids

Mariam Macabanding and Laila Elbery help us investigate how climate change could affect the ways Indigenous peoples around here connect to nature.

We’ve been working with a group of students from Hazeldean Elementary and Queen Elizabeth high school. They gave us some questions about climate change in our area. Then we brought them to CJSR (Edmonton’s campus and community radio station) for a radio camp to teach them how to use radio and podcasting to find out the answers.

This is the second of two episodes adapted for the podcast from that camp.
Find out more and listen to the full, unedited broadcast from radio camp:

In this episode we mention the Alberta Podcast Network’s April 7 workshop, “How to start a podcast: From notion to reality”. Click this link to grab your ticket and support Let’s Find Out: